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Juvia Lockster Stops Using 3rd Person!?

I've warned you, so read at your own risks. 


To be honest, I've been really excited about chapter 388 since last week.. lol.. I mean like, with the gate destroyed and the dragons all gone, it's the celebration time, right? Not to mention, this week has 3 chapters all to itself. One thing caught me by surprise though. The fact that Juvia seems to be talking in 1st person now. She told Gray something about her entering the new era and being a new version of Juvia (Juvia 2.0), then she started to drop her habit of speaking in 3rd person. And of course, being the Juvia fan I was, I noticed it soon afterward. Her first 1st person outburst was when she said, "Gray-sama, I love you!" Yep, there are two things wrong with this- Juvia referring herself as "I" and Juvia saying "you". Yeah, definitely first person speech there. Her first
 person talk did not just end with her sudden confession of love. It continues on. Gray said, : "I don't", and something like he will start saying no to the things he doesn't like (I'll elaborate on that more later ==). Instead of sulking around, Juvia being the typical cheerful Juvia said, "You're wonderful even when you criticize me, Gray-sama!" Again with her first person talk.
Chapter 388 also wasn't  the end of it since Juvia continued to be like this even in chapter 340. Gray looked a bit depressed (due to Ultear's problem), and Juvia, of course, noticed everything about her Gray-sama. She told him not to look depressed for the sake of other people. "I don't know what's wrong, but it's not nice to the rest to make such a face." Once again, Juvia used "I" instead of her usual "Juvia" when referring to herself. After Gray finally smiled, she once again went a bit over the top saying, "Oh no! What is this? You're so cool, I love it!"

From whichever ways you look at it, Juvia seems to drop her habit of speaking in third person, and starts to talk normally. I'm not exactly sure what's happening either since it has been only 2 chapters that she has been like this. So all we can do right now is wait and see what will happens next. But it is quite obvious that she had dropped her old habit.


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