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Did Gray Fullbuster Just Flat Out Reject Juvia?

Once again, SPOILER ALERT!
If you haven't read ch. 388 yet, you should first.

Did I just see Gray rejecting Juvia!? O.O Oh no, he did not.. >.<* Out of all the things he has done, this is by far the worst thing he'd ever said, even if it wasn't really taken as seriously. This hardcore GruVia fan is going furious still. Is this his new resolve?

I hope not; I meant like, Gray and Juvia are meant for each other. T-T And he just said, "I don't" when Juvia declared her love. On top of that, he turned his back on her and walked away, only to turn his head back and said, "I'm going to honestly say no to stuff I don't like from now on." From what I see, Gray just indirectly said that he "doesn't" like Juvia. Like what the heck!? I swear I really wanna punch Gray's face right about now.. >< Don't say that to Juvia, and don't break this GruVia fan's heart, you bastard!! >< Gray, u darn bastard!! >//< Despite the fact that I love you, I can still rip your face off for saying that to Juvia.. And that facial expression, too.. You $(&%()#%)! Yes, sorry for my foul language, but he really ticked me off there. Especially with that cold face of his. What happened to all the developments in the previous chapters? T-T  If Gray doesn't redeem himself, I swear I would really, really start to root for Lyon (even though he indirectly mentioned giving up on Juvia). 


  1. *Clears throat* Ok, I just want everyone who reads this to know that this is just my honest opinion about this whole chapter as well the whole Gruvia debate. First of all, I'm probably one of only a few who is actually happy about the way this chapter turned out. Yes, I said it! *dodges sharp objects* Would you want someone constantly hounding you & viewing your friends as rivals every time you were near them? If you said yes, don't read any will only tick you off more. -_- Not that any of you will listen...but, moving on. I personally think it's ridiculous to claim two characters are perfect for each other based simply on the fact that the girl likes a guy for whatever reasons. Now, I've heard many things relating to this pairing and I must say...I'd prefer to see Gray with no one as opposed to seeing him with Juvia. Why, you ask? The answer is actually a very simple & honest one. I view her supposed love for him as highly superficial. There, I said it. She's simply obsessed with his image. Proof? There's plenty in the manga to support what I think. Will I point it out? Nope. I've found that the most peaceful thing to do in these shipping frenzies is state my opinion & move on. I will, however, post this question as a final pondering: Truthfully, if you knew a person like Juvia in real life, would you think her constant stalking of a guy as cute & that they were meant to be together as a couple? I bet most of you would say no. In fact, I bet most of you would think it's creepy...especially if you were on the receiving end of such "love". In short, I'm a huge Gray fan & I feel he only said what needed to be said. Besides, it's not as if it really sank into Juvia's hard head to begin with.

    1. I have to agree with you on this subject, as it seems to me that Juvia only fell in love with him due to his looks. I'm not saying that it couldn't have developed into 'real' love but I don't think that this is the case.

  2. Well I think that Juvia actually loves him for more than just his appearance...and I doubt Gray's rejection will really do anything to change that fact that Juvia will always love him...we will see how Mashima plays this out


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