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Cascade (The River of Time Series)


This was a request from someone.. I'm surprised someone actually reads the English novels part of the blog, and I'm actually excited for this since this is one of favorite English series.
In the first book of the River of Time series, two bored American sisters stumble on a door to the past, where Gabi is rescued by a handsome knight who vows to love her forever. But there is a rival for his affections, and the girls flee into the present to escape. 

Now lovestruck Gabi persuades Lia to help her return, even though she knows dangers abound in medieval Italy, including an entire city who seeks revenge. But Marcello awaits, and Gabi must decide if she's willing to leave her family behind for love.
Download PDF (  I converted it from epub to edf, so the font size is a bit weird.. ^^
Download Epub ( Ibook or other ebook app would be able to open epub file.
Read Online (
Read Online (Mediafire) Same problem with font size cuz it was originally an epub file..


  1. ^_^ thx u pinky. U are really fast. I was dying when I finished Waterfall, and couldn't find the full source to read.

  2. by the way, it's not a valid file, lol

    1. I just updated the link, you can check again...

  3. Really? Sorry, I ddnt really double check the file.. For now, u can read the online first.. I'll try to find a different file.. ^^

    1. For reading online, I could read only 20 pages of the story. Doesn't it allow to read some pages of it.

  4. Bong, can you please upload link for the whole series?


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