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When the Ice Clash Ch. 1

Pairing: Gray, Juvia, Lyon
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does. I only came up with the plot here.
              It was a typical day at Fairy Tail. Everyone was busy fighting with each other over small, silly things. Tables and chairs flew around with their pieces falling off after being smashed against the wall or the floor. “Erza, fight me!” shouted Natsu as he rushed full speed toward the equip mage. With just one move, she knocked Natsu out flat on the ground without even budging from her seat.
“That kid, when will he ever learn?” Laxus who sat at the guild’s bar sighed.
“Tsk, iodiot!” Gray could only shake at head at what his rival-friend did.
“A-re, A-re... That’s Natsu for you,” said Mira from behind the counter while cleaning her plate. “He’ll never give up.”
The guild’s door opened revealing the celestial mage coming in, while trying her best to avoid all the flying objects. “Arrghhh! I swear one of these days, our guild will be destroyed again,” growled Lucy as she sat down next to Gray at the counter.
“That’s what makes this guild fun. Everyone is just so lively,” stated Mira as she gazed over the chaotic guild hall.
“Maybe a bit too lively,” face-palmed Lucy.
“What’s up, Lucy? You seemed a bit stressed out,” asked Gray who was listening the whole time.
“Rent money, what else? I have to go on missions soon if I don’t want to move out.”

From behind a pillar, Juvia saw it all. The chaotic mess resulting from the fight, the broken tables and chairs, Cana hugging her barrels, and the clearest of all, her Beloved Gray-sama talking to her “love rival”. Gray-sama is talking to Lucy-san. Seemed like he is comforting her. Gray-sama is comforting Juvia’s love rival, and not her. Why not Juvia instead? Does Gray-sama like Lucy-san more? He looks happy. How come he had never have that expression when he’s with Juvia? Does he not like Juvia?” Not wanting to see the scene farther, Juvia turned around and headed toward the guild’s door. She was going to straight to Fairy Hill so that she could have a rest and clear her thoughts. Lucy-san is Gray-sama’s nakama. It’s his duty to take care of her, right? But isn’t Juvia also his nakama? Why are we so distant?
            After Juvia reached her dorm in Fairy Hill, she took a quick shower and then went straight to bed even though it was only 3 in the afternoon. She also skipped dinner that night because she couldn’t find her appetite, and just continue with her sleep. After a good night sleep of more than 12 hours, Juvia could finally clear up her head and decided on a resolve. Juvia will aske Gray-sama to go on mission with her today so that we won’t be as distant anymore.

The guild was buzzing with the usual noises of breaking chairs and clashing beer mugs. Juvia came through the door and eyed for her Gray-sama. She quickly found Gray already at the request board. “Ohayo, Gray-sama!” Juvia’s greeted him with her most cheerful smile.
“Ummm, ohayo,” replied Gray who was still looking at the request board.
“Ummm, ano... Gray-sama...,” said Juvia fidgety while twirling around her pointing fingers.
“Not now, Juvia,” Gray cut her words while still looking at the board. “I’m looking for a job now.”
“Ohhhh... About that,” Juvia attempted again while swaying her body left and right. “Juvia was wondering if Gray-sama could....”
“Yosha! This is the one!” Gray suddenly shouted while punching up into the air.
“Did Gray-sama find a job that he likes?”
“Yup! It’s perfect! This could pay at least two months of Lucy’s rent,” answered Gray happily while looking at Juvia for the first time.
“Ohhhh,” Juvia’s smile dropped.
“By the way, were you saying something?”
“Umm, it’s nothing,” answered Juvia as she looked down at the ground.
“ ‘kay then, I gotta go. See you, Juvia!” smile Gray before running toward Natsu and Lucy. “Lucy! I just found a perfect mission for your rent! Let’s all go with everyone!”
It has always been about Lucy-san, right Gray-sama? 
Author Note: Hai, Pinky Berry is back!! :3 This is the love triangle that I've been thinking about. You gotta love the triangle between Gray, Juvia, and Lyon. Since this is a triangular love, Lyon will appear later. I'm not gonna tell you which two are going to meet. You'll have to read it yourself. For those of you who read The Fallen Rain, sorry this one is not as good.. T-T


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